5th Gridtech links Smart Grids to Energy Efficiency

The new government led by Prime Minister NarendraModi, since being sworn in May 2014, has time and again reiteratedits commitment to deliver 24×7 power for all. This requires significant augmentation of energy generation, effective transmission and distribution system, efficient consumption and concern for environment, which goes hand in hand. Heading the crusade to realise the Prime Minister’s said dream is PiyushGoyal, Union Minister of State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, who is well aware of the need of the hour and initiatives required to do so.

“Energy for all is at the centre of all plans. India is enormously energy starved, since average per capita consumption is just a tinge over 900 units per year versus Gujarat at 1,800 units and developed countries at 15,000 a year. 280 million people in 56 million homes are bereft of any electricity whatsoever. Further, a large number of people who are connected to the grid receive sporadic and inconsistent electricity in many states of India. We hope to make a long- lasting, transformative impact on the lives of millions of fellow Indians by empowering them with power,” said Goyal recently addressing industrialists on the sidelines ofVibrant Gujarat, in Gandhinagar.

Fortunately, the Prime Minister dream augurs well for the both international and domestic stakeholders in the power sector. From across the globe, manufacturers, suppliers, academicians, consultants and all other stakeholders must showcase their State- of- the- Art technologies in the field ofTransmission, Distribution, Renewable Energy Integration, and Smart Grid Communication to name a few.

Here, Power Grid Corporation of India deserves genuine credit for having created an international platform for all the interested stakeholders in the global power scenario with the support of Ministry of Power and in association with CBIP & IEEMA for creating the show called Gridtech. To facilitated progressive adaptation of emerging technologies in power sector in India, Powergrid has already successfully organized four editions of Gridtechin 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. The 5th edition of GRIDTECH, a trulyinternational exhibition and conference, is now underwayfrom April 8- 10, 2015 at PragatiMaidan, New Delhi.

This biennial international event along with two concurrent conferences provide a unique opportunity for the power utilities, planners, policy makers, regulators, research institutes, academicians, consultants, and other interested players exposureinto state- of- the- art emerging technologies, and also benefits the public sector to identify business opportunities in the global power market. It’s truly an international platform for manufacturers, suppliers, academicians, consultants and all other stakeholders to showcase their State- of- the- Art technologies in the field of transmission, distribution, renewable energy integration, smart grid, and communication among others. Elaborating on the humungous potential and the opportune time to grow the power sector in India, RN Nayak, Chairman & Managing Director, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd ( PGCIL) observed in his AGM speech in September 2014 that the Indian economy witnessed slowdown in last two years which wasprimarily attributed to de- growth in the industrial sector and investmentdepression. With the moderate recovery of global economy, cooling offcrude oil prices, revival of investors’confidence and good governance, the Indian economy is starkly looking forward to better growth prospectsin the coming years.

“Electricity is the prime mover of economic growth engine and is vital tothe sustenance of modern economy. However, the increased economicactivities, exuberance of manufacturing sector coupled with aspirationsof modern India, particularly the youth, who seek higher standard ofliving, have resulted in manifold increase of electricity demand. TheGovernment of India has taken a remarkable initiative to ensure 24x7power supply to every household in the country. Towards energy security, Government has also focused its attention to harness all forms of energy resources including renewables,” added Nayak.

For the uninitiated, as per Public Enterprises Survey 2012- 13 of Government of India, POWERGRID is acclaimed as 5th largest CPSE in terms of Gross Block, 22nd in terms of turnover and 9th in terms of net profit out of 277 CPSEs. As per the study conducted by Platts for 2013, based on the 3 year CAGR for publicly traded energy Companies, POWERGRID is positioned as the 2nd fastest growing Electric Utility in the world.

In its silver jubilee year now, POWERGRID has completed an inspiring journey of 25 years in energising the nation. Its noteworthy that POWERGRID had embarked on its journey thatcommenced with commercial operation in FY 1992- 93 by managing assetsof about Rs3,520 Crore, that has risen to new heights with relentless pursuitof excellence and hard work over 25 years. Today, in its silver jubilee year, POWERGRID has created an asset base of over Rs1,00,000Crore atthe end of Q1FY15, grown by about 29 times. Similarly, the turnover ofthe Company has also grown by about 25 times. At the end of Q1FY15, POWERGRID’s enterprise value is estimated to be worth a whopping Rs1,53,3 Crore.

To add another feather in the POWERGRID’s diverse portfolio at Gridtech 2015 there will be participation of more than 100 manufacturers, suppliers and the expected number of business visitors is likely to cross the 25000 mark. Around 41 international and 69 domestic manufactures have already booked the exhibition stalls for showcasing their technology, as professionals from across the globe, policy makers, investors, manufactures, and academicians find it as a rewarding experience to participate in the event.

There would be two concurrent conferences for two days each on 8th& 9th April’ 15. In both the conferences more than eighty technical papers on new technologies will be presented, while about 20 more papers would be included in proceedings. The Conference- 1 hall shall be focusing on State- of- the- Art technologies & emerging trends in the field oftransmission & distribution, renewable integration and the smart grid city modalities as well as synergic areas like protection & control, communicationThe Conference- 2 hall will be international colloquium on overhead lines in association with CIGRE study committee. So far, overwhelming response has been received from across the world and total seventy five quality papers will be discussed in both the conferences.

POWERGRID will also take a major leap in recognizing the importance for development of smart gridcity and contributing towards sustainability at the show. POWERGRID will demonstrate a smart gridcity solution through real life working, wherein following technologies would be covered including advanced metering infrastructure, outage management system, energy efficiency, smart home energy management system, renewable generation and its integration into grid. Further, towards indigenous development of technologies in the above fields and also channelise the development of emerging technology by the student community, a separate Students Innovation Pavilionhas been setup at the Gridtech 2015 to showcase working model of various new technologies in Indian context by the student community from more than thirty( 30) premiere technical institutions of India. The Students Innovation Pavilion will provide unique opportunity to student community across India to demonstrate working models based on new technologies.

Source: Business Standard; 08 April 2015

URL: http://epaper.business-standard.com/bsepaper/svww_zoomart.php?Artname=20150408a_005101001&ileft=3&itop=45&zoomRatio=130&AN=20150408a_005101001


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