SunEdison Buys 2 Green Projects

US-based SunEdison announced the acquisition of two renewable energy portfolios in India totalling 140 MW for undisclosed amounts on Thursday.

This comes soon after SunEdison and Adani said in January that they will invest $4 bil `25,600 crore) to build country’s largest lion (.solar facility . SunEdison is among the world’s largest renewable energy development companies. The two Indian acquisitions are part of a global initiative to acquire seven renewable assets in Brazil, China, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Uruguay and India.In all, through these combined transactions, it will secure 757 MW of operating projects and 1,918 MW of third-party , right of first offer projects, the company said in a statement. On Thursday , SunEdison announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire an operating wind power plant generating 102 MW from Spain-based Fersa EnergĂ­as Renovables, SA.

Source: Economic Times; 08 May 2015



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