IMD to provide weather forecast to power system operators

New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Power System Operation Corp. Ltd (Posoco), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for providing weather forecasts to power system operators in the country.
The MoU, which was signed in the presence of senior officers from the ministry of power and the ministry of earth sciences on Monday, facilitates 72-hour weather warnings for events such as thunderstorms, heat waves, rainfall and fog.
IMD will also provide forecasts for temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall to identified stations along with a monthly seasonal outlook. Posoco will also carry out an economic assessment of the impact of weather forecast on the power distribution system.
The energy sector is highly dependent on weather conditions. “To increase the efficiency of power sector and to make them weather-proof, it is not sufficient to act after they have taken place. Proactive steps are required to minimize the possible adverse impacts,” said a press release issued by the government.
Power grids often suffer in the aftermath of disasters such as cyclones and floods which were reported in various states last year. The Kashmir floods and cyclone Hud Hud led to the biggest disaster-related economic losses in the recent past.
“Day-to-day weather variations have an impact on load demand and energy production, transport and distribution management, as well as energy prices. Extreme events such as heat waves or cold waves, wind storms or floods can of course have dramatic consequences on the production means, or the electrical grid, of a country including physical damage to the infrastructure,” according to a statement by the ministry of earth sciences.
Source: Mint; 19 May 2015

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