Poll Shows Broad Support for Wind and Solar

The public prefers wind turbines and solar arrays over power plants that burn coal and oil — or even new natural-gas-fired plants.

Commissioned by the Sierra Club, and conducted last week, the survey of registered voters in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Virginia and Maine also found that:

Despite the spotty awareness of the Clean Power Plan, whopping majorities in all six states — two thirds of Ohio voters for example — said they are in favor of the plan that would cut overall carbon dioxide emissions.

Voters would more likely favor a U.S. Senate candidate who is in favor of the clean power plan, a factor in four of the six states, including Ohio, where Republican incumbent Rob Portman is facing a challenge from former Democrat and former Gov. Ted Strickland.

Voters trust the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over members of Congress on the question of setting limits on air and water pollution. About half of those surveyed think the United States should be doing more to combat climate change.

But at the same time, only about a third of voters think climate change is a serious problem.

Source : IEEFA, November 16th, 2015

URL : http://ieefa.org/poll-shows-broad-support-for-wind-and-solar/


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