About Us

Great Lakes offers the most comprehensive programs focused on the energy sector through its Institute of Energy Management and Research (Great Lakes IEMR), Gurgaon. Supported by over 20 leading corporates and an Advisory Board consisting the who’s who of the energy sector, Great Lakes IEMR’s programs help develop industry relevant expertise and capabilities. The strategic location in Delhi NCR offers access to extensive industry interaction with the finest thought leaders in the sector including CXOs, Policy makers and Entrepreneurs.

The Institute’s activities include full-time post graduate management programs, corporate training programs, consulting services and independent research to enhance the intellectual capital and knowledge base in the sector. The Post Graduate Programs seek to develop motivated management professionals equipped with comprehensive domain knowledge and capable of creating a significant impact on their organizations.

This blog provides the current update news and in-depth analysis under energy sector.

Website:  http://www.greatlakes.edu.in/gurgaon/